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This kit is designed to be a bolt on installation with no frame cutting required. We have kits for all stick shift and automatic Fieros. The weight gain for a 4 cylinder to V-8 swap is about 150 pounds, depending on the V-8 engine used. Handling is affected slightly at the most. Engines that can be used include any small block Chevy from 1968.

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1986 Pontiac Fiero Gt Fierossa Kit Car 3.8 V6 Supercharged 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Engine Original 4 Speed Muncie Manual Transmission Custom Leather Inte.

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10 Factory Five Cobra Mk IV - $11,000 Factory Five Racing Anyone can drive around in a late '90s Ford Mustang and remain relatively unnoticed, but for a small investment of $11,000 and a decent set of tools, you could be cruising the boulevards behind the wheel of one of these jaw-dropping Cobra replicas instead.

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The vast majority of every surface you see on the inside was custom-made specifically to mimic the original car while fitting on the Fiero chassis. Read Also: Fiero-Based Ferrari F50 Replica Looks.

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We present to you a Fiero Kit car. But not one like the others. This one is, well… impressive. Yes, we actually just said that. Being based on a 1985 Fiero GT, this car is based on a pre-facelift model. But you wouldn't be able to tell from the millimeter perfect body draped over it.

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Originally designed by Joe Polumbo, designer of the Cimbria Kit car, the Aldino has a 15-year history of over 600 satisfied customers. The Aldino construction plans cover all phases of preparation and assembly, and represent an excellent approach in providing our components to your Fiero.

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Originally appeared in print as Fiero Ford Posted September 29, 2017 As told by Lloyd Jennings When you can't afford an original Ford GT40, you get the next best thing: a replica. My wife would not let me spend the $6 million to buy one, so I built my own for $26,000. It took me five years, using a 1986 Pontiac Fiero I bought for only $800.

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Welcome to V-8 Archie's Here you will find the necessary products to make your Fiero smoke just about anything on the street and look better than many new cars. Not only do we know how to make your Fiero perform, we can help you make it look great also. Are you building that exotic kit car, but also want the power to match the exotic style?

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Fiero GT-40 Kit Car. I'll be posting a more interesting DIY project of his soon, but in the meantime, this kit car builder is selling a nice clean Fiero based GT-40 inspired car. It's on an '88 Fiero frame with a 3.8L supercharged engine. The car is located in California but he's hoping to sell it outside of the state due to smog issues.

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The Fiero is a great platform for a Ferrari replica because it has a mid-engine layout and a relatively lightweight body. The Cadillac NorthStar engine is a powerful and reliable V8 that will give your replica plenty of power. This is a kit car project, so some assembly is required.

1987 Pontiac Fiero Kit Car For Sale

The most famous Ferrari kit car starting point is the Pontiac Fiero and the results are usually pretty tragic. But Liberty Walk is made of up pros, not amateurs Ferrarifying a Pontiac in.

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While F50 proportions are a bit rough on a Fiero, the 1980s sports car is actually a surprisingly good platform for Ferrari 308 replicas. For a short time in the late 1980s, a conversion company.

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We can help. Not only do we concentrate on making quality products, we also have fast, friendly customer service. We still have the V-8 Engine Conversion kits to install any SBC Chevy engine into any Fiero. We also have a bunch of new products for your Fiero. We can now supply kits to mount the new generation LSx series engines into any Stick.

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The Pontiac Fiero is a rear mid-engine, light sports car manufactured and marketed by Pontiac for model years 1984-1988.

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The Base kit allows you to make your car wider by 6 inches (3" per side) in the rear while still maintaining the unmistakable Fiero look. The Base Kit includes: A pair of the WideBody Rocker panels. A pair of Fender Caps. A pair of Door Caps. A new WideBody rear bumper. We also have a Deluxe version of the Kit that includes new fiberglass.

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